Lexar Professional ExpressCard CompactFlash® Reader FAQs

Q: Do I need to install the driver before use?

A: Mac® systems: To help ensure the reader functions properly with your MacBook® computer, we recommend that you install the driver before use. If you have not installed the driver and are experiencing technical problems with the reader, it may resolve them if you install the driver.

 Windows® based systems: We recommend installing the driver when using a 32GB or higher capacity CompactFlash® card.

Download the driver here

Scroll down the page and select the appropriate operating system for your computer and follow the instructions to

download the driver to your laptop computer. Once you have downloaded the driver, open the file and follow the driver installation instructions.

Q: What should I do if my computer doesn’t detect the reader?

A: First, check that the reader is fully connected in the ExpressCard slot of your laptop. Please make sure to install the driver—visit www.lexar.com/drivers/ to download and install. If the reader still isn’t detected after installing the driver, please click on the “chat live” link at http://www.lexar.com/support/ or call the Lexar technical support hotline for further assistance.

Q: What should I do if my Mac system crashes when I insert the reader into the slot?

A: Allow your system to reboot and make sure to insert the reader into the system with CompactFlash card already inside the reader. If you have not installed the driver, please visit www.lexar.com/drivers to download and install.

Q: My MacBook Pro computer crashes when I try to view photos from my CompactFlash card. What should I do?

A: To view photos, please transfer and save all images from your CompactFlash card to the computer first before viewing images. Do NOT view images directly from the card if you are using a MacBook Pro computer with 4GB of DRAM and above. It will cause the system to stall.

Q: What ExpressCard slot size does the Professional ExpressCard CompactFlash Reader support?

A: It supports both 54mm and 34mm ExpressCard slots.

Q: Does the reader work with the Windows 7 operating system?

A: Yes, the reader supports the Windows 7 operating system.

Q: Does the reader work with Mac OS X operating system?

A: Yes, the reader is compatible with MacBook Pro systems running Mac OS v10.4 and later. Please remember to install the driver.

Q: I don’t see an ExpressCard logo on the reader. Is this reader ExpressCard certified?

A: The Professional ExpressCard Reader is currently in the process of being certified by the PCMCIA Association. The reader works with both 34mm and 54mm ExpressCard slots.