Lexar® Gaming SDHC™ Card

Product highlights

  • Designed for use with Nintendo® 3DS™, DS™, and Wii™* systems
  • Download and store 2D and 3D games from the DSiWare™ Shop
  • Shoot and store more 2D and 3D photos with the two built-in cameras in your 3DS or DSi handheld device
  • Store and play back songs and video on your DSi handheld device
  • Compatible with all SDHC-enabled devices
  • Five-year limited warranty 

Reliable Gaming and Multimedia Storage

The Lexar® Gaming SDHC™ card is specifically designed for gamers using a Nintendo® 3DS™, DS™, or Wii™* system. It allows you to store loads of gaming data, multimedia files, and more. The card is available in 4GB and 8GB capacities.

Take Gaming to the Next Level

Maximize Your Gaming Experience with High-Capacity Storage. The high-capacity Lexar Gaming SDHC card lets you unleash the power of your Nintendo 3DS, DS, or Wii system. The card gives you the ability to store more gaming-related content, so you can save your progress in a game, keep custom settings, and safeguard your high scores. You can also download 2D and 3D games from the Nintendo DSiWare™ Shop and store them directly on your Lexar Gaming SDHC card for ultimate convenience.

Do More with Your Multimedia. The Lexar Gaming SDHC card allows you to reliably transfer, store, and play your favorite gaming and multimedia content. What’s more, the card allows you to shoot and store more 2D and 3D photos using the two built-in cameras in your 3DS or DSi handheld device, and it lets you store and play back songs and video, as well. So in addition to storing all your gaming data, the Lexar Gaming SDHC card is a great place to keep your multimedia files—music, movies, photos, video, Internet favorites, and more.

Gaming and Beyond. The Lexar Gaming SDHC card delivers performance you can depend on, ensuring your valuable gaming data is reliably downloaded and saved—so you can take gaming to the next level. Compatible with all SDHC-enabled devices, the card provides reliable, high-capacity storage for gaming, multimedia, and more—making it an excellent solution to your gaming needs and beyond.

Lexar Performance, Quality, Compatibility, and Reliability. All Lexar memory card, card reader, and USB flash drive product designs undergo extensive testing in the Lexar Quality Labs, facilities with more than 800 digital devices, to ensure performance, quality, compatibility, and reliability. This provides customers with a high level of confidence when using Lexar products to capture, manage, move, and store the memories that matter.

For more than 15 years, Lexar has been trusted as a leading global brand of memory solutions. Our award-winning lineup includes memory cards, USB flash drives, readers, and storage drives. With so many options, it’s easy to find the right Lexar solution to fit your needs.

Lexar. When Memory Matters.®

*Wii Menu 4.0 required

Some of the listed storage capacity is used for formatting and other purposes and is not available for data storage. 1GB equals 1 billion bytes. For more information, go to www.lexar.com/capacity.

NOTE: Product appearance, software offerings, and packaging may vary depending on ship date and available inventory.

8GB Gaming SDHC Card
4GB Gaming SDHC