Lexar® EncryptStick Lite software

Lexar® EncryptStick Lite software

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Product Highlights

Protect your files with free advanced security software for your JumpDrive USB flash drive.

Everyone has private information and files on a computer, laptop, flash drive, or some other portable storage device that should have extra security. Whether these files are photos, videos, financial records, banking information or other sensitive data, they are vulnerable to damage, loss and even theft. Now available for all Lexar® JumpDrive® USB flash drives, EncryptStick™ Lite software can quickly, easily and permanently secure your important information and protect your privacy.

Keep your private files safe—back up your data quickly, easily, and more securely

Runs on your computer and your JumpDrive USB flash drive
EncryptStick Lite runs on PC and Mac computers and all Lexar USB flash drives, anywhere in the world.

Encrypt and decrypt your private files

EncryptStick Lite turns your Lexar JumpDrive USB flash drive into a highly secure, private vault where you store the files you want to protect: photos, music, videos, documents, in all file types.

Instant Lock

This feature instantly locks the application, your vault, and all functions, it also wipes all information from the program's temporary files, clipboard, cache, and secure memory.

Multi OS

EncryptStick Lite is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. You use one license to download for one platform or all of them, and all can reside and operate from the same USB flash drive.

When memory matters, the choice is Lexar. 

With a long history in the industry, we know memory. We move quickly with technology to design the solutions you need, and work with device manufacturers to make sure our products are compatible. Then we stand behind them with outstanding warranties and helpful customer service. We’re dedicated to performance, reliability, and expert support, so when it comes to storing the memories that matter, trust Lexar.


Auto-updater keeps your software up to date. With auto-update, your system periodically checks for newer versions of EncryptStick Lite. When a more recent version is available, we tell you and ask your permission to update your EncryptStick Lite installation. You can schedule how often your system checks for updates, and manually check for updates at any time.

  Easy-to-use encryption interface

Encrypting files is as easy as dragging and dropping files from your computer into the EncryptStick Lite interface. The EncryptStick Lite interface gives you direct access to your encrypted vault and files. View or decrypt your encrypted files by double-clicking on them directly in your vault, or simply drag the files to your desktop, local folder, or network drive.

  No computer installation necessary

EncryptStick Lite software can be installed to and run from any Lexar JumpDrive USB flash drive.

  Automatic timeout

EncryptStick Lite protects your information when you step away from your computer by automatically locking your vaults and exiting the program, returning you to the login screen. A user option lets you set the time lapse from idle condition to lockout state.

  Strong and fast encryption

The EncryptStick Lite encryption engine uses fast and strong AES algorithms. You encrypt your vault with 256-bit AES ciphers. Our encryption is registered and government approved, and is FIPS 140-2 compliant.

  Lost flash drive data recovery

With this feature you can easily activate a replacement JumpDrive USB flash drive and restore data from your backup vault. Simply download the software to a replacement JumpDrive USB flash drive. Then follow the procedures to complete the reinstall and access your vault backup.

  Advanced virtual keyboard

The virtual keyboard provides advanced protection against keystroke loggers and screen capture malware that may have already infected the host computer. It can even thwart malware that attempt to track the location of your mouse clicks by randomly repositioning the virtual keys after each click.

  No admin rights required

EncryptStick Lite will run in conjunction with any Mac or PC computer with or without administrative rights.

  Limited login attempts

Ten failed login attempts locks the EncryptStick Lite login screen for a full minute, thereby significantly reducing susceptibility to brute force password attacks.

  Live search

You can search in all existing vaults for specific files by filename. Simply start typing in the search box and the software instantly narrows down and displays your search results.


  • Using the application for the first time
    1. Insert the Lexar Flash drive into your PC or Mac; The Lexar - EncryptStick Registration page appears. Encrypt Stick will automatically startup. If it doesn’t, browse to the flash drive and double click encryptstick.exe (for PC) or encryptstick.app (for Mac) to get started.
    2. Enter your email address for update notifications (optional).
    3. Click OK; The password creation screen will appear.
    4. Enter a password in the ‘Create your password’ field. The password entered will be used to protect your private files. The strength of your password will be determined by the criteria you select.
    5. Enter the same password again in the ‘Confirm your password’ field. If you are unable to click OK, it means that your password does not comply with those criteria settings shown in red. You can either change your password to match the strength criteria (recommended) or uncheck the option (not recommended).
  • Operating within the Program

    Double Click on the vault icon in the upper pane to open the vault and add folders and files.

    Creating a New Folder Click on the new Folder(+) icon on the Menu bar and name the new folder.

  • Adding Files to your Vault folders

    Open the appropriate folder in the vault

    Click on the add file(s) icon on the menu bar A window pops up showing all the drives and folders on your computer

    Click on the file you wish to encrypt Click on the “Encrypt” button to add the file to the vault folder

  • Locking your Vault

    Click on the lock icon to lock your vault; this will return you to the login screen, where you can enter your password for quick re-entry to the program; or

  • Closing the EncryptStick Program

    Click on the X button to exit the program completely; this will automatically lock your vault.

  • Ejecting/Unmounting the Drive

    To ensure the integrity of the data on the flash drive, it is recommended that you use the usual Windows or Mac commands to eject or unmount the drive before removing it from the USB port.

  • Continuing to Use the EncryptStick Lite Application

    Insert your Lexar drive; Enter your password on the login screen to unlock your vault and run the program. If you are concerned about intruders, for even greater security, enter your password using the Virtual Keyboard.