FireWire CompactFlash Digital Film Reader General FAQs

What is 1394 FireWire?

1394 Firewire is the name of a high-speed and high-performance serial bus, often called FireWire.  

What are the supported data-transfer rates for FireWire?

The FireWire serial bus standard defines data rates of 100, 200 and 400MB per second across the cable. 

What type of Compact Flash cards can I use with the Lexar FireWire?

You may use Type I and Type II CompactFlash cards

How do I remove the card from the Lexar FireWire Reader?

For Mac: The card must be ejected or unmounted by dragging the disk icon to the “TRASH” before pushing the eject  button on the Lexar FireWire adapter. 

For PC: Just push the eject button to remove the digital film.

What capacities of Lexar CompactFlash cards are supported?

The supported capacities are 8MB to 4GB.

Can I use any CompactFlash?

Yes, Lexar tests with many different manufacturers of products to insure compatibility.  

Do I need a separate driver for Windows?

No, the driver is already included in Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 and Windows Me.

My Mac OS is 8.5 and I can’t install the Lexar Firewire Reader?

Make sure the Mac OS is 9.0 or greater and the Apple FireWire Software is 2.4 or greater. If you don’t have the 2.4 drivers installed, go to and download the driver.