What is SDXC?

SDXC™ (SD Extended Capacity) is an SD™ memory card format that is based on the SDA 3.0 specification. Today, SD and SDHC™ cards, which are based on the SDA 2.0 specification, can reach capacities up to 32GB. The SDA 3.0 specification, on the other hand, enables SD cards to “extend” beyond this 32GB capacity limit and reach higher capacities— more than 32GB, up to 2TB.  

SDXC memory cards use the newer “exFAT” file system that is more efficient for SDXC card’s large capacities, while SD and SDHC memory cards use the FAT32 file
system. This difference is the reason that the new SDXC format is NOT backwards compatible with host devices that only take SD (128MB to 2GB) or SDHC (4GB
to 32GB) cards.

PLEASE NOTE: Use of SDXC memory cards in non-SDXC compatible host devices may result in data loss, as the non-SDXC hosts do not understand the file system. Contact your device manufacturer for details.

To ensure compatibility, look for the SDXC logo on both cards and host devices (cameras, camcorders, etc.).

What’s the best way to format my SDXC card? 

Lexar recommends the use of the SD Formatter tool to correctly format SDXC cards (as opposed to the native OS formatting tools). Install the SD 4.0 formatter.

Can I use an SDXC memory card with an SDHC host device?

No. SDXC cards are only compatible with devices that support the SDXC format. Refer to the chart below for a complete listing of SD host devices and the memory cards each supports. 


Host device
(ex. cameras, video camcorders, phones, readers, etc.)

Memory cards supported







SDXC cards and host devices:
- SDXC memory cards can ONLY be used with SDXC host devices. Look for the SDXC logo on the host device to ensure compatibility.
- SDXC memory cards will NOT work with SD/SDHC host devices.

Host device compatibility with memory cards:
- SDXC host devices can use and support SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards.
- SDHC host devices can use and support both SD and SDHC memory cards.
- SD host devices can only use and support SD memory cards.

Note that the Lexar Multi-Card 25-in-1 USB 3.0 Reader is compatible with SDXC cards, provided that the PC operating system supports exFAT file format. 

What devices in the market today support the SDXC card format?

The SDXC card format is widely supported by leading manufacturers, including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, and Sony. Please check with each device manufacturer for specific camera model numbers. 

I’ve accidentally inserted my SDXC card into a PC or host device that does not support SDXC and reformatted the card. The SDXC card no longer works with SDXC host products. What can I do to return to the SDXC format?

If you accidentally insert your SDXC card into a PC that does not support SDXC (using a direct SD slot or USB reader/writer), the following messages may appear:



If you accidentally insert your SDXC memory card into an SDHC host product that is not compliant, the following messages may appear:


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To return to the SDXC format on your card, please install the SD 4.0 formatter.


For more information on SDXC, please visit the SD
Association website: