High Speed Cards: Why they Matter


With so many options available in the world of digital photography, it can be daunting making sense of all the choices. With memory cards offered at different capacities and speed-ratings (and some with no speed-rating at all), how can you decide what's ideal for you and your type of photography?

The answer is this: speed-rated cards are a smart investment for all photographers and offer a wide range of capabilities. A high-speed memory card can enhance in-camera performance, especially for photographers who take a multitude of pictures, use the video option on their camera, or have the need to shoot photos in quick succession. The true benefit, however, is in post-production work, where transfer speeds can be greatly accelerated and wait times significantly reduced.

The Perks of High Speed

Lexar Professional speed rated cards.
By definition, high-speed memory cards are designed to perform faster. A speed rating means that each card is tested and guaranteed to be at least as fast as its stated rating. It also means that the camera can write to the card faster, and that fast readers can perform downloads from the camera faster. Lexar Professional CompactFlash cards are offered with speed ratings up to 600x (a guaranteed minimum sustained write speed of 90MB per second), and Lexar Professional Secure Digital High Capacity cards have a 133x (a guaranteed minimum sustained write speed of 20MB per second) speed rating.. The X represents the transfer rate, and 1x means the card can perform data transfer at 150 KiloBytes (KB) per second. This is important to know because you can match the capabilities of your camera and your needs as a photographer to the speed of card that's appropriate for your level of use.

Capacity and workflow.
These are two key benefits of a high-speed memory card. Not only are you able to increase the number of photos you take, but you can improve on the speed in which you take them. While using a high-capacity card greatly reduce the need to stop and change cards frequently, a high-speed card is important if you are photographing a fast-paced sporting event or an important occasion.

More importantly, high-speed memory cards make a huge difference in post-production work. With transfer rates and upload times significantly reduced, photographers enjoy a huge time savings. This gives professional photographers more time for photo editing, working on other projects, and promoting their business.

Probably the most critical component for any memory card, reliability is the single most important thing to all photographers. Whether you're shooting a family wedding or taking your own vacation photos, you need to have the peace of mind of knowing your images are all being stored safely and there will be no file corruption. A high-quality, high-speed memory card ensures you don't lose any images-ever.

The Need for Speed

Whether you're a budding photographer or a seasoned pro, there are many reasons for adding a high-speed memory card to your arsenal. Besides enhancing in-camera functions and greatly reducing photo transfer time, you get the added enhancements of security and memory features that make selecting a high-speed memory card an easy choice. If you're not using a speed-rated memory card, now's the time to make the switch!

Lexar Professional memory cards: Designed for High-Speed Performance and Superior Reliability

Lexar offers a full line of high-speed memory cards, ideal for prosumers and professionals who demand optimal performance from both the memory card and digital SLR camera they use.

All Lexar Professional and Platinum level memory cards come with a lifetime warranty and full technical support. The Professional line of cards also includes the added benefit of a dedicated technical support line for immediate, specialized assistance.

Lexar Professional SDHC and UDMA CF cards are available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities.