Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Customer,

You are invited to attend Lexar 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey! This survey is designed to improve our company’s service through customer satisfaction. Your participation will be highly appreciated.

Note:This questionnaire is anonymous. We will keep your information strictly confidential. Please give the star rating according to your satisfaction level!
  1. (required)
  2. 2.Purchased Products
  3. 3.Lexar Product Appearance
  4. Product Appearance
  5. Package Appearance
  6. 4.Lexar Product Quality
  7. Product Compatibility
  8. Product Quality Stability
  9. Compared with other brands
  10. 5.Lexar Sales Service
  11. Fast Communication
  12. Problem-solving Ability
  13. Service Attitude
  14. 6.Lexar Brand Promotion
  15. Brand Exposure
  16. Marketing Popularization
  17. Timeliness & Professionalism of marketing personnel
  18. 7.Lexar After-Sales Service
  19. Service Attitude
  20. Timeliness in solving problems
  21. Professionalism in solving problems
  22. 8.Others
  23. Lexar Brand Influence
  24. Overall Satisfaction to Lexar Brand