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What is CFexpress?

CFexpress is the latest standard for removable media cards proposed by the CompactFlash Association. The standard uses PCIe 3.0 interface with 1 to 4 lanes where 1 GB/s data can be provided per lane. NVM Express is also supported to provide low overhead and latency. For more information, click here

What is the difference between CFexpress Type a, Type b, Type c cards?

The difference between the three cards are the form factor, number of lanes and maximum performance. Currently the most used card is the Type B due to its similarities in size with XQD cards.  width=

Are CFexpress type b cards the same as XQD cards?

While CFexpress Type B cards and XQD cards can fit in the same slot, compatibility depends on the host devices. Please check compatibility of your host device with your manufacture.

Is my device compatible with CFexpress Type B cards?

Please check here for compatibility.

Does my camera already support the Lexar CFexpress card?

Please refer to the chart below and check with your device manufacture’s website to download compatible firmware.

Camera Brand Model Lexar CFe Compatibility
Canon EOS R5 Yes
EOS-1D X Mark III Yes
EOS C500 Mark III Yes
EOS C300 Mark II Yes
Panasonic S1 Update FW 1.5 or higher
S1R Update FW 1.5 or higher
Nikon Z7 Update FW 3.0 or higher
Z6 Update FW 3.0 or higher
D6 Yes
D5 / D850 / D500 Camera FW not released

XQD -discontinued