My device cannot identify (cannot read) the Lexar nCARD.

Please verify the following steps:
1. Make sure whether your device supports the Lexar nCARD. See the compatibility list for Lexar:
2. Whether your nCARD has been inserted into a corresponding NM slot/card tray (the side bearing the NM indication). Only NM slots/card trays support the Lexar nCARD.
3. Try to swap the nCARD with a SIM card in the NM slot of your mobile phone, and see if your phone can identify it. If the SIM card cannot be identified, it is likely that the slot is malfunctioning. It is recommended that you contact the after-sales service of your mobile phone to arrange for an examination of the mobile phone slots.
4. If all of the previous three steps are confirmed normal, there may be a problem with the card itself. Visit to contact customer service.